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Fortress Technology is pleased to introduce the new STEALTH Metal Detector

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(Toronto, ON) Providing advancements in Metal Detection solutions, Fortress Technology is pleased to introduce the new STEALTH Metal Detector. Just added to the enduring series of PHANTOM metal detectors, the evolutionary design of the STEALTH unit offers full backwards compatibility, ensuring spare parts and upgrades are readily available for existing systems.


Features of the new STEALTH unit include powerful digital signal processing (DSP) technology which provides high-speed precision detection, while ultra-sensitivity levels detect the smallest metal contaminants. Automatic testing and calibration allow for simple operation and the true auto-balance enables recovery from large metal contaminants to avoid detector blindness . Dual power/frequency facilitates automatic compensation for extreme product characteristics (ex. metalized and non-metalized packaging). The product library of the STEALTH stores individual settings which can be recalled instantly to simplify product changeover. Quality Assurance testing on samples can be initiated on demand or by time interval; and the unique software filtering system enhances performance while minimizing false rejects. In addition, password configuration permits security protection for critical parameters and proprietary product information. Finally, the optional USB port enables easy metal detector updates and access to QA reports, while the sleek modular design exhibits user-friendly multi-language control panel interface and fewer product parts resulting in greater reliability.


For more information on the STEALTH Metal Detector, please contact Fortress Technology.

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