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As part of its ongoing commitment to their community and the environment, Fortress Technology is pleased to announce the success of their solar panel installation. Over 300 panels were installed on the roof of their manufacturing head office in February of this year and have produced over 42 MWh since becoming operational in March. The panels are expected to produce 120,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year while reducing greenhouse gases by 180,000 pounds annually.

“We’ve been impressed with the results of the program so far”, said Steve Gidman, president of Fortress Technology. “This program is another way we can give back to our community and the environment by producing a clean, renewable energy source.”

Fortress Technology has been manufacturing custom industrial metal detection systems from their Grand Marshall location since 2001 for the food, beverage and manufacturing industries. The solar panels currently cover over 90% of the roof on the 26,000 sq ft facility and are part of the MicroFIT program with the Ontario Power Authority.

About Fortress Technology

Fortress Technology began in 1996 believing that through superior product design and engineering the production of higher quality equipment with better sensitivities could be achieved.  The phenomenal market response to Fortress’s metal detectors has validated that belief and the philosophy on which it is based… simple operation, outstanding reliability, and exceptional performance. Fortress has become a global enterprise with manufacturing offices in Canada, the UK, and Brazil serving North America, Europe, and Latin America.

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